Roguen Keller

Should I Split My Question and How

Discussion created by Roguen Keller Employee on Feb 11, 2019

It is the nature of questions in a technical community like ours to have a follow on that is related, but separate that our original.  It leads to an overarching question as to if it is better to continue to thread with a new question, or to a start a new one.

I have found that in these case, with some exceptions, is it better to start a new thread as it does two good things for us: it gives others in the community a clear indication that the answer is correct and they can use it, and it makes sure that your question doesn't get buried under in the previous discussion and this going unanswered.


I do suggest the user does this themselves as the content will get associated with an administrator if they do it on behalf of the user.  Unfortunately our platform doesn't allow for branching/splitting of a conversation nor impersonation.


So go and create a new question in the same space as your original question.  And then within that new question cut and paste the URL from the previous question.  You'll see that it automatically resolves to the title of your original post to give others some context around what you are asking and what you have resolved previously.