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My data don't show up in saiku neither even jpivot

Question asked by Laurence Astrid on Feb 11, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 12, 2019 by Laurence Astrid

Hi community,


After creating my cube with mondiran and loading all my data in a fact table (i put the link of this step after receiving help from the community below in case someone will encounter the same issu)


So, now i would like to create the data source on the PUC but i get this error "org.pentaho.agilebi.modeler.ModelerException: org.pentaho.di.core .exception.KettleDatabaseException: Could not get field info from (select * from fact)"

I really do not know what it means because if it's a permission problem, when I entered the correct username and password and by clicking on the button "test" I received "SUCCESSED" but when clicking on "Finish" to complete the process i receive the error message above.

So I can not view my data either in SAIKU or even with jpivot, could anyone please help me.


link for how to populate the fact table with PDI:  Which step use to load data in the fact table with PDI?


Thanks in advance