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Parsing JSON using Json Input Step when the structure of JSON is unknown.

Question asked by Ayan Jana on Feb 13, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 13, 2019 by Ayan Jana

Hi Team,


I am creating a generic transformation with Pentaho which would call any API and load data into RDBMS table. The transformation consists of Generate Rows, Rest Client, Json Input and Table Output.


So far so good. Now what I really want is to dynamically pass the name of the fields and Json path at runtime instead of entering them manually in Json Input Step. Because, if a different API is called at some other point of time, which would have a different structure, I dont have to manually edit the fields names and Json paths. I can directly pass them during the runtime.


I tried with lot of options along with ETL Metadata Injenction but wasnt able to succeed. Can someone from the team guide me through the right path  so that I can built a generic transformation  which would be able to parse json irrespective of the json structure ?