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HDFS file saving error

Question asked by girish athanikar on Feb 14, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 18, 2019 by girish athanikar

Hi Team,


I  am facing the issue as detailed below.

->We are able to write .ktr and .kjb into HDFS from local PDI spoon,we can also change the user name while editing the spoon.bat and files like hdfs_user_name="username" and it will successfully take the user into HDFS.


But my question arises when I am using webspoon to write .ktr and .kjb files into HDFS,at this moment its considering user name as the root.

So how to change my application user name while writing file into HDFS.

I am facing the write permission access and saving error(null pointer exception).

Can you help me in resolving this issue.


Girish Athanikar