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Pentaho User (Re)Creation problem

Question asked by Tiago Ferreira on Feb 22, 2019

Hey guys,


I am facing a weird problem in any 8.* version of Pentaho. If i create a user X on the user console and later, using admin user, i change that user X password, it works without a problem. But imagining I create that user X, later on delete it, and later on recreate it but with a different password, the user is unable to authenticate with the newly created password. Instead, he can login with the password used on the first time round. To note, this occurs while you don't restart the server. From the moment you restart the server, the user is able to login with the latest password.


This is a blocker for us, because we have an external application with Pentaho solutions embedded on it. The authentication system in use is from the host application, and we use cookie based authentication and API call to manage the users on Pentaho side.


Any idea what might be causing the problem. We really cannot be doing a restart of the BI server every time a user changes the password.


Thanks for all the help!