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Running the jobs under kitchen command

Question asked by girish athanikar on Feb 25, 2019

Hi Team,

My .ktr file(transformation file) is successfully running under AEL spark engine and its also visible in YARN application.


When I am calling the transformation file into the job file(.kjb) where I am executing using kitchen command in run configuration option by choosing spark engine.The command is successfully executed and I am able to fetch the record.But its not running under AEL spark engine.I am attaching the screenshot of the same below.

Transformation: The transformation(i.e dummy_trans.ktr) lies in HDFS path or it may also be present in local path,one needs to just go through the browse button.

Run configuration: In this step I am selecting the engine through which my transformation needs to be executed.In the pic enclosed below I have considered Spark_Engine(AEL) as a run configurator.

Is there any step which I have missed in this process for running the jobs under kitchen command.



Girish Athanikar