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LDAP Authentication Setup Issue

Question asked by daniel salud on Feb 26, 2019

i am trying to set up LDAP authentication server on our G1000s and other HDS arrays via HSN.  After I entered the values on the required field, i keep getting errors that it can't connect with the LDAP servers.  I logged in to SVC and do the performed due diligence, ping the LDAP servers, telnet to LDAP ports etc.  It does not give me a clue on what issue. I checked firewall, etc and the LDAP ports are open since I can telnet to those LDAP ports.  There is no sample template on the LDAP guide and I've engaged support but it seems so difficult to get this figured out.  Please send me some leads if you have came across this issue. It's not easy to debug and if support has no clue, who can ? Thank you!