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What's the upgrade path from 5.0.1 to 8.2?

Question asked by Musab Phoplunkar on Mar 11, 2019

Hello Community!


We are currently on PDI 5.0.1 community edition with an on-premise setup. We would be moving to AWS cloud soon and plan to upgrade to 8.2 CE with this move. This is a big jump for us and wanted to check the upgrade path for the same. Since we are moving to AWS, do we really need an upgrade path or directly installing 8.2 and moving the code should work?


The upgrade path details available for 8.2 are from 6.x (Guidelines for Successfully Upgrading to Pentaho 8.2 – Pentaho Customer Support Portal ) . Could someone please provide the possible upgrade path(if applicable) from 5.0.1 to 8.2?