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registerTrans / executeTrans

Question asked by Eric Tonissen on Mar 8, 2019

I have a carte server using an repository running and we are able to /kettle/executeTrans.


But now I'am trying to register transformation on the fly, using /kettle/registerTrans.


Every thing I tried resulted with the /kettle/executeTrans in the 'Unable to find' of the transformation.


Result of /kettle/registerTrans:



            <message>Transformation &#39;dummy-trans&#39; was added to Carte with id b3a41f7b-0488-4a3a-bf7b-c7b77c66b841</message>




Result of the /kettle/executeTrans:



          <message>Unexpected error executing the transformation:


                    Unable to find transformation &#39;dummy-trans&#39; in directory :/


Btw the /kettle/statusTrans gives me as response that the transformation is available.


The documentation Transformations - Pentaho Documentation from /kettle/registerTrans refers to "Uploads xml file containing transformation and transformation_execution_configuration (wrapped in transformation_configuration tag) to be executed and executes it. "


But I can not find anywhere the description of "transformation_execution_configuration".


Maybe has somebody an example available on how to let this work.