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windows 10 client displays wrong size on disk for HNAS cifs share

Question asked by ralf buschmann on Mar 11, 2019
Latest reply on May 7, 2019 by Al Hagopian


I have copied files with different file sizes to a smb share residing on a HNAS filesystem and checked the "size on disk" property on my windows explorer (windows 10): here are the results:

1. A 15KB txt file has size on disk = 1 MB

2. A 5,86 MB pdf file has size on disk = 8 MB

3. A stubbed file of 2,5 GB has size on disk = 2,5 GB !!

I have verified that on the filesystem on the HNAS. After the migration process of DM2Cloud has been finished, the file has been removed out of the filesystem, means the fs size on the HNAS has been reduced of the 2.5 GB, so everything ok, but my Windows 10 client is displaying still the 2.5 GB!

Anyone an idea why windows 10 has this faulty display?

Thx and best regards