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TextFileOutput does not add filenames to result

Question asked by B905P8WW on Mar 14, 2019
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I am seeing an issue, starting in 8.1, where the TextFileOutput step does not add filenames to the result if the "Do not create file at start" and "Add filenames to result" options are checked.  The transformation runs successfully in Soap (creates the file) but when I execute it in my Maven-based Java project, the result does not contain any added filenames from the step (even though the files are created).


If I uncheck the "Do not create file at start" option for the step, then the filenames will be added to the result in 8.1 but will not be added in 8.2 and higher. In other words, in 8.2 and higher, the "Add filenames to result" option does not appear to be working correctly.


There are several Jira tickets that have been created around the performance of the TextFileOutput step so I do not know if what I am seeing is a known issue or a bug. I have not found anything in Jira related to what I am seeing but I do not know if creating a Jira ticket is the right next step (so I am reaching out to the community first).


What is the preferred avenue for triaging and reporting these kinds of issues?


I have attached a Maven project with some test cases that demonstrate the issue. It has profiles for different versions of Kettle which can be run using the following commands:


  • 8.0 - mvn -P8.0 clean test
  • 8.1 - mvn -P8.1 clean test
  • 8.2 - mvn -P8.2 clean test
  • 8.3 - mvn -P8.3 clean test


TextFileOutput related tickets: (on backlog) (fixed in 8.2)