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CDE dashboard: Creating custom component

Question asked by Minh Chau on Mar 15, 2019
Latest reply on Apr 3, 2019 by Minh Chau

Hello everyone, I'm new to Pentaho, Currently, I created a template component in dashboard by cde, now I have to use this component in every single dashboards, so I'm trying to create a custom component which I can easily reuse in every Component by CDE.

Follow the tutorial, I created a xml file and js file. then I put it into system/pentaho-cdf-dd/resources/component, then it works.

But it's really inconvenient, I have to backup and update these file whenever I redeploy pentaho server. I found another solution to upload these files to Pentaho/cde/components, but it doesn't work while the tutorial said that work. Is anyone know how to make it work in pentaho/cde/components.

Here is my file structure as bellow picture. I just created some dummy component as I do in system/.. folder

Is there anyone who has experience in custom component? Please help me. Thanks in advance.