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report inquiry page83H option on AMS500

Discussion created by Legacy HDS Forums on Jan 12, 2007
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Originally posted by: Cristiano Toni

Hi, in the "Hitachi TagmaStore AMS and WMS Sun Solaris Host Installation Guide"  DF7333    at page 6 I find

"You use the Storage Navigator Adaptable Modular Storage software to configure the
Adaptable Modular Storage ports (see Figure 2.1). Some key configuration selections you can
make include:
Topology (Connection): Loop or Point-to-Point
Extended Host Mode (Host Mode2): Optional settings on the port that describe how the
host accesses the port. Multiple options can be selected: VxVM DMP mode, Sun
connection mode, report inquiry page 83H, UA (06/2A00) suppress mode, etc. "

I tried, also in management mode, but in the storage navigator of my AMS500 I haven't find where I can choose this option.
Could somebody help me out with this? Many thanks in advance for a quick feedback