Linda Frembes

Find and Track Your Favorite Content Using Bookmarking and Following

Discussion created by Linda Frembes Employee on Mar 28, 2019

Keeping up to date with the flow of information being posted in the community can be a daunting task. With so much good content in so many different areas of the community, it’s good to know that there are organizational tools that can help you discover and track the content that is most meaningful to you.


The Jive platform offers several tools to help you: bookmarking and/or following a space, group, or person. In this post, we will review the differences between each of these tools so that you can determine which ones are best for you.



Bookmarks in Jive work similarly to help bookmarks work in your favorite Internet browser. Bookmarking makes it easy to find your content if you wish to reference it later. You can bookmark any piece of content within the community and you can find the content again by going to your bookmarks page.


To create a bookmark for community content:

  • Open the blog, discussion, or question that you want to bookmark. Click Actions > Bookmark from the menu on the upper right.
  • The word bookmark turns into the word bookmarked and shows a number count.
  • That number count shows you how many other people in the community have bookmarked this content.
  • You can click on the number next to the bookmarked icon to see who else has bookmarked this content.


Jive bookmark.jpg


To find any of your bookmarks, navigate to the My Community drop-down in the main menu. There, you will see the word Bookmarks in the drop-down. Click on that and it will bring you to a page showing all of your bookmarked content across the community.


Jive find my bookmarks.jpg



You may also choose to follow a person or a space in the community. This allows you to receive content created by that specific person or content posted in that specific space delivered to your news feed.


If you would like to follow a space, navigate to the main page of that space. On the right hand side you’ll see the word Follow if you are not already following the space. Click on Follow and you will see a menu pop-up that allows you to choose to include your inbox.

Jive following.jpg


Following a space means that you will be updated about all the public activity from that particular space. Choosing Inbox means you will receive a message in your Inbox any time there is a change or a new post from that space.


Be sure to check out the other tips we have posted in the Getting Started section of the community so that you can achieve maximum value for your time spent here. Thanks for being a part of the Hitachi Vantara community!