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Storage system layout opinion for an OLTP / MS SQL 2000 / SAP environment

Discussion created by Legacy HDS Forums on Jan 13, 2007
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Originally posted by: Chris Tatro

Sorry for the length of the post.

Background Info:
The system in question is running SAP on MS SQL 2000 and is experiencing high disk IO issues. Hitachi Data Systems analyze my SAN which is a Hitachi Thunder 9570 and they are telling me RG2 where the database files reside is at 91%-100% utilization. This one host is generating 1400 IOPS according to the report created by Hitachi Data systems support.

The system is currently configured with the log files residing on RG1 as RAID 1 and the database files on RG2 as RAID 5.

RG1 (log files) has 2 disks 146GB 15k drives
RG2 (8 database files) has 6 disks 146GB 15k drives

I was recently able to free up 24 drives 72GB 10K FC drives for use. Within these constraints what would be the best configuration for the database files with performance being the end goal.

There are currently 8 database files each are 66GB in size. (I could split them up further if needed)

Please list in order which options would be the best for performance with the highest performer being towards the top.

1.     Create eight RAID 5 groups and eight LUNS with three 72GB 10k drives in each for a total of 24 drives.

2.     Create one large RAID 1+0 group and one LUN and place all database files on that LUN.

3.     Buy eight more drives so I have a total of 32 drives and can create eight RAID 1+0 groups and eight LUNS, then place each data files on its own LUN.

4.     Create eight RAID 1 groups using a total of 16 disks and places each data files on its own set of mirrored disks.

5.     Any other suggestions from the HDS user community?