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CSV file rearrange columns and export back to CSV file

Question asked by Vincent Garcia on Apr 9, 2019
Latest reply on Apr 11, 2019 by Vincent Garcia

Hey There

Newbie here, as of last week. I was just handed PDI 6.0.1 and was told to add additional functionality to a kettle job. Again, newbie, i didnt know what PDI or Kettle stood for or what it does. Im teaching myself thru online tutorials and google search. i got a good basic understanding on how to read kettle jobs.


This question has been asked before. This is what I'm trying to do. Im trying to get a csv file, reorder the columns and the data that goes under those columns and save it with the same name.


I have followed this thread, this one is easier to do:


I have followed other instructions as well and they all turn out the exact same way. Only the headers get rearranged correctly and the data stays the same. the data doesnt get moved with the columns.


I am able to grab the csv file using the "Text File Input". Im using the "Text File Output" to output the csv file and save. i attached a screen shot of my mini job. The column headers have moved to the correct order of listing but the data has not, so the data is in the wrong columns. I dont know if Im missing a step or overlooking a setting or do i need to add custom code.


Any help would be appreciated.


And lastly, any other links to tutorials would be awesome!