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SSH to access FTPS with Windows

Question asked by Juanjo Castro on Apr 12, 2019



I would like to connect to an ftp to download files to local and work with them,

Due to security issues, I can access directly to FTP using GET a FILE with FTP, FTPS or SFTP. To avoid that we need to use SSH command.


Currently we have another project that runs in Unix system that is using a lftp command and running properly. My problem is that we are using a server that runs under Windows server 2012.

I tried to translate this lftp command and reproduce the same in windows, but I wasn't abe to get it.


This is the current command that we have in UNIX:

lftp -f /etl/MSF/MSF_Repository/MSF_FILES/LIST_LFTP.txt|



Where the information inside LIST_LFTP.txt is:

set ftp:ssl-force true

set ftp:ssl-protect-data true

set ssl:verify-certificate no

open ftps://[user]:#[pwd]@[host_ftps]

lcd [local_path]

nlist [remote_ftps_path]/[File_regex_to_find] > log_file


Where log file will contain the information of name of documents in ftps path.


How can I translate these commands from UNIX to WINDOWS?


Thanks in advance,