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Tuning Manager trying to resolve to localhost instead of HCS server

Question asked by Nick Harman on Apr 23, 2019

I'm trying to set-up a new HCS server, but I'm having a number of issues getting Tuning Manager to work.

I have managed to configure the Agent for RAID - and that is collecting data, however I have an issue whenever I try to launch tuning-manager or any pop-up reports from the analytics tab.


It appears that all new tabs are opened with the following:


With a "localhost" name rather than the IP address or name of the server. As this is not resolvable from an external source (i.e. my laptop) it fails to connect. If I manually correct this in a browser it will open Tuning Manager up - so I know it is running.


I'm guessing there's a setting somewhere to change this to something that can be resolved - but I feel like I'm looking for a needle in a haystack trying to find it. Can anyone help?


ps. I'm running HCS version 8.6.3 on a SLES 12 server