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Cisco DCNM configuration issue

Question asked by bhuvankumar kuppannagari on Apr 17, 2019
Latest reply on Apr 24, 2019 by James Reed


Recently i have deployed Cisco DCNM 10.4(2) ova, currently its up but seems to be having some issues, can any one help me which option i need to select?

blank.gif VXLAN Fabric- For VXLAN BGP EVPN deployments.

blank.gif LAN, SAN, Auto-Config - For VDP or VM Tracker deployments.

blank.gif Media Controller - For IP Fabric for Media Solution deployments.

blank.gif SAN -For SAN only deployments.---> i have select this option (as we want to use only to manage SAN switches through DCNM)

Can we also manage Storage devices (Hitachi, NetApp and EMC) from DCNM, but i tire to connect the device i get this message

when i tried to restart the service i get below message

but i have set IP to enhanced fabric mgmt in other port group. For what purpose this enhanced mgmt IP works or come in picture?


Please let me know how to clear the error or need to redeploy the VM?