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short format disk

Discussion created by Legacy HDS Forums on Feb 8, 2007
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Originally posted by: Chris Tatro

Anyone ever heard or used ?short format disks? technique to improve seek performance?

>One way to improve performance further is to short format disks, e.g. format a
>300Gb disk to 150Gb. This technique should halve seek times, disks are sometimes
>formatted this way with the outer partitions being allocated for fast performing
>usage and the inside to slower operations. However, a disk head can only be one
>place at a time and this type of horizontal partitioning can cause inconsistent

I ?m wondering if this would work on a SAN if I have a high IOPS application which I have spread across many disks. If the database is only 60GB and resides on 7 x 72GB RAID 5 group, which roughly equals 420 GB. Will creating a LUN on that RAID GROUP that is only 120 GB help performance? Or should I format the entire RAID GROUP into one 420 GB LUN? Or should this be done at the host level with NTFS?