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Originally posted by: chennuri

Hi Friends,

I am newbe 4r storage adminstration.

I would like to share issues encountered in data migration and stop and starting horcmgr.

In my existing env we have HITACHI ARRAYS 9980,9585 and SHADOW IMAGE, my orgnaistation bought Array HPXP12K.

Mirrored new luns (hpxp12k) to HDS, everything fine with mirroring on producition.Now i have to pair /paircreate new luns and remove the HDS luns from production and shadow image.

new cmd device working fine the only problem after adding HORCM_DEV

oraprd01dg oraprd01disk0 CL1-A2 4 0
oraprd01dg oraprd01disk0 CL1-B2 0 0

i did raidscan and got the port/TID/LUNs and added them to horcm0 ( PVOL) and horcm1 ( SVOL )
when Iam starting horcminstance its failing with the following errors.

00:30:27-5be1a-16938- MON(HORC):ERROR :RAID type unmatch on group( oraprd01dg, oraprd01disk0, unit#2, type = 2 <-> 0 ).
00:30:27-5df55-16938- MON(HORC):WARNING :Micro Version unmatch on group( oraprd01dg, oraprd01disk0, unit#2, ver = 0x0d00 <-> 0x0800 ).
00:30:27-5f6d2-16938- MON(HORC):WARNING :MAX_MUN unmatch on group( oraprd01dg, oraprd01disk0, unit#2, Maxmun

1. Is't due to exisitng luns in that group from HDS ?
2. Raidmanager software issues ?

I appreciate your help and ideas on this.

I am thinking to approach in the given method:

1. Remove hitachi luns which i did mirror on production.
2. convert the exisiting pair of hds to simplex mode.(shadow image)
3. Try to pair new xp1k luns.

Please do mail @ chchiru@hotmail.com