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AMS500 Firmware Upgrade via Maintenance Mode

Discussion created by Legacy HDS Forums on Feb 2, 2007

Originally posted by: CaleyKing

My first post, so hello.

I am restoring an AMS500 back to factory settings. I rebooted into maintenance mode, selected microprogram/installation mode/initial setup.

So I browse to the DF700M as set up previously by the micro-setup program (the paths are correct so the policy I assume is correct as indicated by DF700 Micro manual)

c:\diskarray-microprogram\microprogram\20061020-02_V60\DF700M\disk01\PRGMAG.DAT and error reported is:

1204:A specified file doesn't exist. Confirm elements of designation.

If anyone with experience in this field could advise that would be great.