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AMS200 - LUN deletion/recreation

Discussion created by Legacy HDS Forums on Feb 12, 2007
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Originally posted by: anarasim


I have a strange situation (at least to me) in AMS200 we have in our environment. We have a Raid Group [RAID6 -12D+2P] with 145GB free space. I needed a 200GB LUN to be created. I found a 100GB LUN which was created and formatted but not assigned to any of the host groups. I thought of deleting this 100GB LUN and creating a 200GB LUN out of new 245GB free space. 

I deleted the unused 100GB LUN and SNM stated that the free capacity for that RG as 245GB. But when I tried to create a new LUN in the same RG, I was surprised to see that only 145GB free space was available to create a new LUN (as opposed to 245GB I was expecting). I even tried refreshing and disconnecting/reconnecting SNM to AMS200 but I got the same result. I created 145GB LUN to see the free capacity of the RG after creation. But SNM reported 100GB free capacity in the RG and I was able to create another LUN of size 100GB in the same RG.

Technically I can use LUN expansion to provide a lun of 245GB size to the host. But I would like to know if I was doing anything wrong or is there a limitation with AMS200 that I am not aware of so far about deleting and recreating LUNs of different sizes. We are using this RG as a test RG to provide temporary storage for test purposes and reclaim them back after the test to resize later for different application test requirements.

Your inputs will be greatly appreciated.