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HSSM CIMExtension and the VmWare environment.

Discussion created by Legacy HDS Forums on Feb 8, 2007
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Originally posted by: jpm


I'm in an environment with an heavy expanding vmware environment.  The vmware environment is running from 2 USP 100 systems and 2 USP 1100 systems.

We've chosen HSSM as a tool for managing this environment (among others as well) and the drawback in the vmware environment, seen from my point of view, is that there is no working (or rather I can't get it working) CIMExtensions for vmware.

I've tried to install the Linux version of the CIMEx on one of the ESX hosts, ant the installation is running smoothly, the CIMEx installs and runs.   After doing a discovery (all three phases) HSSM discovers the host, but is unaware of the Emulex adapters in the host and therefore the data describing both the storage and the SAN environment are absent.

I'm not a Linux/Unix expert - so there may be ways to tweak this into working, anybody have any experiences regarding this ?

John Piihl Mortensen
Storage Manager
JN Data
email: jpm@jndata.dk