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HiHNAS Replication

Question asked by Gary Matthews on Jun 17, 2019
Latest reply on Jun 17, 2019 by Al Hagopian


I've got a couple of questions on HNAS replication I hope someone can answer :-) Currently We have a HNAS3080 in DC1 using Jetmirror to replicate to a DR only HNAS3080 in DC2, both with physical SMUs. Now we're in the process of tech refreshing the DC1 kit with a HNAS4060 with a virtual SMU. We have 4 different networks, one for management, one for share presentation, one for replication and one for backup. 

So here's the questions :-)

What should be able to talk to what for object/jetmirror replication and on what network and ports? I've tried setting it up between the DC1 4060 and the DC2 3080 but have been unable to establish the link , I can ping from DC1 node to DC2 node , and Networks tell me that the new HNAS is in all rules the old 3080 is.


a question for further down the line. We intend to also upgrade the DC2 3080 to a 4060 at some point as well. Now given that the DC2 HNAS is DR only and the vSMU is on a dedicated G1500 LUN than can be block replicated to to the G1500 in DC2, Are we still better off having a separate vSMU on the local G1500 for each HNAS or manage both HNAS clusters from the vSMU in DC1 and fail that over in a DR scenario?