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Spare disk configuration in AMS

Discussion created by Legacy HDS Forums on Mar 9, 2007
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Originally posted by: anarasim


We have currently configured 1 Spare disk (last disk) in each RKA(J/JAT) unit in our AMS200/AMS1000 storage subsystems. Is this a recommended practice?

Whenever a disk fails, subsystem picks up first available spare disk in different RKAJ (Global sparing) even though a spare disk is available in the same RKAJ.  When this happens, the RG spans across different trays. I am under an impression that striping RG across RKAJ units will not provide any advantages in AMS class. I don't know if this condition will degrade Raid performance.

Also the current settings for spare drive operation mode is left as default value "Variable".

It would be greatly helpful if we get some clarity on how this works and the best practices for spare disk configuration in AMS.