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How to calculate number of LDEVs for Configuration

Discussion created by Legacy HDS Forums on Mar 13, 2007
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Originally posted by: pjay

Hi All,

Does anyone know of any formulae for calculating in advance the number of 3390 LDEVs of various sizes that can be defined on a parity group.

For example: I will have 2 x 146GB 7+1 Parity groups concatenated. From this I want to create around 58 x 3390-L, 14 x 3390-9 and around 50 x 3390-3 volumes.

How can I determine in advance of the actual definition being tried by HDS whether this will fit? I am trying to map out a migration from 9980V to USP and would really like to be able to lock down reasonably accurately what definition I will be able to support.