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Tuning manager mystery or is it?

Discussion created by Legacy HDS Forums on Mar 23, 2007
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Originally posted by: stephen2615


We have a 9585 virtualised with our USP and we use the 9585 as backup disks for our servers that use the USP.  I recently presented a number of USP LUNs as data and log devices and the 9585 LUNs for backup.  Tuning Manager happily shows the data and log LUSE's as working happily and it shows expected peaks (IOPS, data transfer and response times) during the backup and other database activity.

Oddly enough the 9585 LUNs (LUSE) doesn't show anything at all.  I was so bewildered that I suspected the LUN was not being used but it seems they are.  There are no apparent peaks at the same time as the backups so this makes me wonder how Tuning Manager gets its data.  I expect the backup is about 500 GB so that has to be enough to register with Tuning Manager.  500 GB should take at least around 10 or so minutes if the possible transfer is about 4 TB an hour.

Nothing else is using the 9585 at the specific backup time.

Is this some sort of glitch in Tuning Managers data collection?  We have a similiar 9585 LUN used by the database and it works all the time with log shipping.  Tuning Manager shows this activity.

I already get enough grief with some of the outrageous response times that the Windoze server shows and if my software does not collect meaningful data, it makes me look even worse.

Any ideas?