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HSSM temp tablespace

Discussion created by Legacy HDS Forums on Apr 13, 2007
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Originally posted by: stephen2615


The doco for HSSM suggests that the temp tablespace can fill up and is not automagically cleaned up and it should be done manually.  Problem is that it does not say anything else.  Would the temp tablespace be cleaned up during a server restart?

Does anyone have any suggestions to when this should be done?  If this is an issue with the database, perhaps some threshold should be setup to warn the admin people people about it.

Does anyone have any "tools" that they have developed to manage the HSSM server? 

Also, has anyone made any reports that add value to HSSM?  I have a need to produce reports that are not in the canned (and relativley useless) reports that are standard with HSSM. 

Has anyone setup a web service to drag XML reports out of HSSM or does it have to be done with ODBC?

Is there an option to not using HSSM?