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AMS500 Specs

Discussion created by Legacy HDS Forums on Apr 18, 2007
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Originally posted by: Ted

Our AMS500 is hitting an I/O bottleneck with 7 hosts attached, doing about 3000 iops between the two controllers. HDLM load balancing isn't really load balancing because it load balances fiber hba ports, not controllers so we have to reboot every time a server on one controller is monopolizing it and change that server's "default" controller

Please, let me know if you're using an AMS500 and you're running more than 3000 iops

CPU usage average is 30% per controller, not using any of the advanced functionality, this "SAN" is being used strictly as a dumb storage array



I know that the AMS arrays are decent entry level storage arrays with limited san functionality, and I know that their limits and capacities aren't really published like they are for their more expensive enterprise grade counterparts (UPS models)

So I'm basically hoping that someone who uses an AMS 500 can confirm or shoot down my claim that an AMS500 can't handle a persistent load of 3000 iops per second

If you have some experience with these arrays, please post the type of configuration used, # of hosts, and iops