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HTnM windows agent issue

Discussion created by Legacy HDS Forums on May 2, 2007

Originally posted by: stephen2615


Does anyone else have a problem with HTnM windows agent?  It is the agent that starts with TA1 when doing a jpcctrl list *.

I have a few hosts that have issues with it.  The process is called jpcagtt.  I hoped that upgrading to 5.5 would make a difference but so far, nothing has changed.  It seems that the process tends to run away with itself and all of the jpc commands stop interacting with it.

Eg, jpcstop all wont stop it.  jpcctrl list * seems to ignore it.  The HTnM server gets upset with it.

If I kill it through the Task Manager, it can be managed with the jpc commands but after a smallish period of time, it has its issues again.

This is wierd as all our servers have the same SOE.  Some hosts are i386 and some are X64.  So far the IA64 hosts have not produced this issue.

There does not seem to be any single issue that I can pinpoint.