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HSSM maps

Discussion created by Legacy HDS Forums on May 21, 2007
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Originally posted by: stephen2615


Is there any way to find out exactly how the maps are defined in HSSM?  My licence page show the maps in use and the licenced number of maps but I am curious to find out what is used?

Eg, if I have ports on my FC switches turned on but not used, is the port classed as a map?

Also, what counts as a map?

Eg, lets say I have one server that connects to two ports on my USP through two ports on a switch.  Does that equate to?

server - two HBA ports
switch - two FC ports from the server
switch - two FC ports to the storage
USP - two FC ports?

In other words, is one server using 8 maps? 

Considering I might have 20 servers using the same switch ports to the storage and the same ports on the storage, are they unique maps or am I paying for them many time over?  Eg, lets say port 18 on one switch connects to CL1-P on the storage and port 18 on the other switch connects to CL2-P on the storage.  All 20 server are using that same port on the switch and the storage. 

I also notice that HSSM discovers devices attached to the switches via some inband method.  Even if I am not interested in those devices, say they are tape drives such as VTL ports and physical drives, are they classed as being a defined object in the map count and if so, why am I paying for them when I don't want to.

I find it interesting that 100 servers can use 1200 maps.

Any guidance would be appreciated.