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HSSM and clusters

Discussion created by Legacy HDS Forums on Jun 5, 2007

Originally posted by: stephen2615


Is there a best practice for using HSSM and Clusters, in particular Microsoft clusters but I guess any cluster would be similar.

It seems that every cluster we have causes issue with HSSM discovery.  This is probably caused by the fact that file systems or drives as such are not really being used on the inactive cluster.   During discovery, this raises lots of events which are annoying at best. 

What makes it worse is that clusters that have been deleted but their IP addresses have been used by new clusters or servers still cause discovery events even though the CIMExtension agent is not on the new hosts.  I think WMI offers information to the HSSM server and it confuses it somehow.

Does HSSM actually know what to do with a cluster?  I was thinking that HSSM might need to be a resource of the cluster so it is active on the active node and dormant on the inactive node.  It appears as though non clustered nodes don't have any issues.

Any assistance or guidance would be most valuable.