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Creating many host groups for one server

Discussion created by Legacy HDS Forums on Jul 4, 2007
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Originally posted by: przemolb


we have WMS100 connected to sparc server (Solaris). The array's raid groups are divided into small LUNs. All of them are presented to the same, above server. There are many applications on the server and we want to give each application its own LUNs. From management point of view it would be good to group them (LUNs) per application, e.g. app1 has given access to LUN:1-10, app2: 11-20, app3: 21-30, etc. But we want to use host groups. I mean: app1 is given access to host group called, e.g.: HG-APP1, app2 to HG-APP2, etc.
It seems that WMS (I don't know the other) doesn't allow to create different host groups for the same WWN.
Is that true ?