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AMS500 too slow ...

Discussion created by Legacy HDS Forums on Jul 16, 2007
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Originally posted by: christiankarner

Hi All,

We have an AMS500 (8 GB Cache) direct-attached to an USP100 (32 GB Cache).
The AMS500 is connected with 4 x 4GBit to the USP100.

In the AMS we have 7 Groups 6+2 with 300GB Harddisks formated in 48GB Parts, in the
USP this Parts are imported as 13,56 GB OPEN-V LDEV`s.

Performance on our attached Windows Server 2003 Systems is really poor.

We reach 10MB/s - 15MB/s READ-Performance - in my mind that`s too slow.
Writing is pretty fast because of the Cache in the USP.

We already checked the processor and disk-usage on the AMS (IO Count is about ~1800) - but we can`t find any bottleneck.

Anybody there who has a similar Configuration and Real-World Performance-Ratings from Windows-Systems ?

Mybe the direct-attachment of the AMS to the USP is the problem ?

Thanks in advance for any hints!

Christian Karner