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Can't see host WWN

Discussion created by Legacy HDS Forums on Aug 10, 2007
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Originally posted by: TTF

Two AMS1000 arrays (Array#1 & Array#2) have been installed at a remote data centre in the US. I am based in the UK and have IP visibility of the 2 arrays. I can connect to the arrays successfully using Storage Navigator.

The arrays are connected to 2 QLogic SANBox FC switches (Switch#1 & Switch#2) using 2 of the 4 ports on each AMS1000 controller (A & B). The A ports are connected to Switch#1 and the B ports are connect to Switch#2.

I know which ports on the switches are being used, but are unable to identify which array is connected to which port - there doesn't seem to be any way to determine what the AMS1000 port (0A, 0B, 1A, 1B) WWN is from the Storage Navigator end. Does anyone know how to check this?

An IBM P570 server with 2 HBAs (HBA#1 & HBA#2) is connected to both fabrics (1 HBA per switch).

I have zoned the switches such that each AMS1000 array should be able to see:

Port 0A - HBA#1
Port 0B - HBA#2

Port 0A - HBA#1
Port 0B - HBA#2

On Array#2, both HBA#1 & HBA#2 are visible in the relevant "assignable WWN" window of the Host Group.
However, on Array#1, NO HBAs are visible.

I am sure my zoning is correct, as I have gone over it many times. Can anyone shed any light on where else I might be going wrong here? It is difficult as I am in the UK and the arrays are in the US.

Any help much appreciated as I am new to both HDS arrays and QLogic switches.

Many thanks