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AMS500 replacing disks in main tray causes data loss?

Discussion created by Legacy HDS Forums on Aug 20, 2007
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Originally posted by: Ted

I remember seeing a post that described the "hidden" use of the first four or five disks in the subsystem for configuration. This is "hidden" behavior since they show up as released, or out of range and the space used by config isn't available space when the disks are configured for host access

Basically we're replacing all the disks in tray0 with faster, larger disks and our HDS tech said that this will most likely cause data loss on the entire unit. We originally thought of replacing one drive at a time and letting the raid re-populate the new drive with the configuration, however since this is "hidden" functionality, there is no way to see the rebuild status or check for raid consistency

Also, if this is the case, what would happen if one of these drives failed because of normal operation? It wouldn't really make sense for the AMS to have this architecture because it will introduce a central point of failure for the entire SAN

Please let me know if you've replaced drives in tray0 or the main unit and if you've experienced any data loss because of it

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