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HDLM & Linux support?

Discussion created by Legacy HDS Forums on Aug 22, 2007

Originally posted by: vancod

I'm wondering if this forum is monitored by anyone that can address questions around Linux support and HDLM releases.

While I've only been working with Hitachi storage a brief time it appears that Linux support isn't really on the top of the "to do" list for Hitachi. Specifically, regarding Red Hat kernel support - it's rather ancient.  The .55 kernel release has been out for ages, not to mention RHEL 5 itself.

I've seen some other posts hinting at a coming release that will have "enhanced support" - is there a way to get  firm statements on WHAT will be supported and WHEN it's going to go GA??  It has been intimated that the release will happen in Sept.  Is there (hope upon hope) a way to get access to the code now??

I am about to embark on a fresh installation (8 Red Hat hosts) and cannot multi-path a number of them because of this kernel support.  There are significant fixes in .55 that I am sure most Enterprise customers will not abandon, mine included.  My fear is that my customer will pay for my services, and the following week Hitachi releases the new code and he's less than pleased with the state of his SAN.  But I understand if thems the breaks....

In all 55 hosts will be migrating to a USP600 & various new switch bits; total SAN is roughly 40TB.

One other quick question - has anyone posted a "quick install guide" for Linux?  Not that I don't love a nice fireside RTFM-ing, but Hitachi docs seem rather..... long winded.  It's great to have the detail of the User Guide, but I'd also like a one-pager if possible.....