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SI SVOLs as dynamic on Windows 2003 must be rescaned before mounting them

Discussion created by Legacy HDS Forums on Aug 27, 2007
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Originally posted by: rseptien

Hi everyone,
We are doing some windows bat scripts to allow us perfom all the proccess about ShadowImage on windows2003 in an automatic way
Everything go fine until we split the pairs and try to mount the SVOLs automatically on the secondary server.  Every time we try to mount them, windows show the SVOLs as offline, so we have to re-scan the disks on windows.

An important thing that I need to tell you is that all disks on the windows primary source are Dynamic (two LDEVs are one Physical windows disk).

Does anyone have any document or procedure that we need to follow in a Shadow Image implementation on windows 2003 with dynamic disks?.

or do you know if windows has a re-scan comand line? or any suggestion to get around this?

Thanks for your help,