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Originally posted by: Nelson

Hi, this is the scenario:

USP (50-09-06-00/00 MC version) and EVA5000 (HSV110, VCS: 3.028 in active/pasive mode) conected to Brocade 24000 switch.

When have two external ports defined in the USP, we find the required LUN's from the EVA, but when we try to map the  discovered LUN we have the following message: "Failed to assign a normal path. (610-59062)".

In another hand,  we tried to do the same operation with another system (EVA8000,  XCS 5.110 in active active mode) and we have no errors.

We already refined the switch zones, external ports, etc.  after all we have the same issue.

So, I would like to know if somebody has experience virtualizing EVA5000 or any suggestion would be appreciated.

Best Regards