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move lun from old server to new server

Discussion created by Legacy HDS Forums on Sep 21, 2007
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Originally posted by: Christopher Meehan

Hello all --

New to the site and to SAN storage in general. I am working on a project that involves replacing aging server hardware and ultimately need to move a few hundred gig of data from local storage to our AMS1000 and new server hardware. The environment consists of the following:

Old Server = Compaq DL380 with local raid 5 (holds the data I need to move)  - A lun on the AMS is currently mounted to this server.

New Server = IBM HS21 Blade will be attached to the AMS for boot and will be attached to the LUN that will   hold the data that is on local Compaq box.

Our current plan is to move all the data from the local storage to the mounted LUN that is currently attached to the old Compaq box to get the data on the SAN.

Once all the data is on the SAN, we would like to detach the LUN from the old box and attach to the new blade file server.

Please excuse my ignorance if this process is pretty straightfoward and as easy as it sounds..  Will NTFS permissions come over? Any whitepapers or guides that can assist?

Thanks in advance!