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First five drives on Controller (AMS500)

Discussion created by Legacy HDS Forums on Sep 26, 2007
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Originally posted by: dimach

Hi, All.
I'm new to this forum. Allow to introduce myself: We are medium size company, recently purchased two AMS500s (on of them was upgraded from AMS200 to AMS500). We were using AMSs for backups only (iSCSI), but now upgrading to Fiber and will use them in production - SQL, WEB, File Servers, Clusters (MS), Email (Lotus, Exchange). I'll be asking some questions (after I use Search and don't find answer, but sometimes in harry before Searching), if you don't mind.

When I got first AMS I was told that first five drives on controller are for system use only and I couldn't use them in any RGs. Recently I was playing with AMS and created RG which included first 5 drives and everything seems to be OK. So, should I use  them on production system? Or should I leave them out of any RGs? Since they are available when selecting drives for RG I think its OK to use them, but now sure. They are 300 FC.