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dump usp config

Discussion created by Legacy HDS Forums on Sep 28, 2007
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Originally posted by: wertert

Hi All

I've had a search/read and I got a feeling this is not possible on a HDS usp.  I want to dump the entire config of an USP600 to some kind of data file. ie txt/xml.  This dump ideally would contain items like;

-hostgroups on ports and which wwn exist within the hostgroup
-array group config
-LDEV config ( sizes / on which array groups )
-LDEV mapping - which LDEVS are mapped to which wnn
-CLPR info
-LUSE config.

Alot to ask I know but does anyone have any ideas ?  Possibly via device manager/tuning manger ?

In the past I've worked with HP/Storagtek and we've been able to get this info either via a serial connection or via the network.