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Raid manager

Discussion created by Legacy HDS Forums on Oct 1, 2007
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Originally posted by: sudhirvernekar

Hi guys,

I have a tough questions for me. In our current setup we have two servers for managment.

There are 25 prod server and 4 USP.

? Database / Reporting / Backup Media Servers ? INQRAID facility to allow servers to perform scsi inquiries on presented storage.
? Maestro Scheduling Servers ? Raid Manager (HORCM) and Device Manager Client Components

The Maestro Scheduling Servers  is the main scheduling server. where all the scripts will be there.

so my question is where will be my HORCM files ( horcm0.conf and horcm1.conf ). The customer doest want to have the CMD devices on all prod servers. So we will have the CMD devices on this two servers.

as a normal setup i know that the horcm0.conf would on Pvol side and horcm1.conf wold be on svol side.

where wil be the horcm files and how they will work.