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Dynamic lun recognition with HP SecurePath vs HDLM on HPUX

Discussion created by Legacy HDS Forums on Oct 16, 2007
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Originally posted by: rseptien

we have some HPUX server with HDLM, but every time that we add some Luns, we need to reboot in order to HDLM takes the control over them. The manual talks about dynamic recognition but talks about some operative system command errors until the servers make a reboot. HDS custom support suggest reboot the server as soon as posible to clean all of them.

So we are thinking to test the HP-Secure Path solution instead of HDLM. But I don?t find any clear information if the secure path needs reboot the server to take the control over te new added luns or it is transparent to the server.

Does any one knows if one HPUX server with HP-secure path connected to an USP array need to be rebooted
to take the control on new luns added?

Any comments about adventages or disadvantages of HP Secure Path vs HDLM?

Thanks in advance