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HDvm modifying lun security for a group

Discussion created by Legacy HDS Forums on Dec 10, 2007
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Originally posted by: srinu


On a lightining box, on a port "1L" , i am having two seperate hostgroups say "x" and "y"

I have a group "dg-x" in HDVm with 4 luns available from the host group "x"

Now , i got a requirement to make these 4 luns availble on the other host "y"

====> Work around found

From storage navigator i can add these 4 luns to other host group "y" so it solves my issue
at present.

But for future lun assignments, every time i need to add lun in both groups when ever i got a requirement for dg-x.

Also followed by refresh... moving to correct groups etc..,

====> Need suggestion on below

But , in our enviroment we will provison only using HDVm... and i want to know is there any procedure to do this from HDVm...

I tried doing HDVm by selecting a lun from group "dg-x"

modify security ---> select new host" y "---->Next --->You should see a screen "Security status" not assigned "Greyed out"

I want to know is there any procedure, which i can use it safely in production using Hi command device manager to solve my issue ?

Early response is highly appreciated...