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Measuring RPO Values with CCI

Discussion created by Legacy HDS Forums on Dec 28, 2007
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Originally posted by: webfox


Hicommand Replication Monitor reports C/T Delta which equates to the RPO.

Is there any way in which we can check the same with CCI.

There are a couple of CCI commands which seems to report Q-Marker and Q-Count

[color="#FF0000"][font="Courier New"]# pairdisplay -g tc-jwds -v ctg
CTG  P/S   Status AP U(%) Q-Marker   QM-Cnt SF(%)     Seq# IFC OT/s CT/m RT/m
069  P-VOL PAIR    2   0  021ba0b6        4    0     13190 -     -    -    -
069  S-VOL PAIR    -   0  021ba0b4        -    0     10154 -     -    -    -

[color="#FF0000"][font="Courier New"]# pairsyncwait -g tc-jwds -nowait
UnitID  CTGID    Q-Marker  Status    Q-Num
     0     69  02021ba142  NOWAIT        0

The question is how to decode the Q-Marker and QM-Cnt and determine the C/T Delta