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AMS1000 Issue

Discussion created by Legacy HDS Forums on Feb 21, 2008
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Originally posted by: Akim


We created 4 * 500GB Luns on 2 Different Sata Raid group in order to create a Striped lun of 2TB on a server based on Centos 4.4 Linux OS.

After Lun mapping and as soon we start mkfs to create filesystem on the new logical Volume, the AMS1000 suffer on performance and impacted all others servers connected to it.." Everything wa very slow"

Here some measure i got running perfmon on storage Nivigator during creationg of FS

CTL Usage(%)
0 95
1 93

Write Pending Rate(%) on CTRL reach 30 %

IO(Rate) on CTRL1 was no so much 127 IOs where 109 Write

As soon as sw kill mkfs everything go back to normal situation...

Could host striping be the problem ?

LVM block size are 4mb

In normal situation CPU usage are at:

CTL Usage(%)
0 43
1 45