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Shadowimage with CCI and CTG

Discussion created by Legacy HDS Forums on Mar 3, 2008

Originally posted by: Stephane Moser

Hi everybody,

I have a question about ShadowImage with CCI.

We are using TrueCopy, ShadowImage and COW from the same P-Vol on our USP1100.

I have "Volume Group" in my AIX-Systems with more than a LDEV. Until now, we didn't use the CTG with ShadowImage and we didn't notice any consistence problem. We made a lot of test without problem. A colleague of mine tell me that I should use the CTG to be sure that all LDEV will be consistent in the same group.

Could somebody tell me if I should use ShadowImage with CTG (pairecreate -m grp) to guarantee the consistence of my split or not?

Could I have some other compatibility problem with TrueCopy and Copy-on-write if I'm going to set the CTG.

In Advance many thanks.

Best regards,