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True and Shadow Image (cascading)

Discussion created by Legacy HDS Forums on Mar 26, 2008
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Originally posted by: Anderson Krahn


There are times when i need a shadow image of a existing TC pair. For example,
Host A <---TC---> Host B
I need a shadow image of the existing luns on Host A. However, my horcm logs complain that i cannot create the shadow image due to the existing TC pair.
Is it possible to use cascading to create the Shadow pair?
Here is my environment.
Ams1000 microcode 0772/D-H
raid manager
Model : RAID-Manager/Solaris
Ver&Rev: 01-19-03/04

Example horcm0.conf (true copy piece)
tcprddb14 tcprddb14drv1 CL2-B-6 0 6 0
tcprddb14 tcprddb14drv2 CL2-B-6 0 7 0
tcprddb14 tcprddb14drv3 CL2-B-6 0 10 0

horcm1.conf (shadow part)
shadowprddb14 prddb14drv1 CL1-C-7 0 8 0
shadowprddb14 prddb14drv2 CL1-C-7 0 16 0
shadowprddb14 prddb14drv3 CL1-C-7 0 17 0

error messages :
10:18:07-67b5c-01420- MON(HOMRCF):WARNING(LDEV linked) :shadowprddb14, prddb14drv1, unit#0,ldev#120,mu#0 and tcprddb14, tcprddb14drv1, unit#0,ldev#120,mu#0
10:18:07-7051e-01420- MON(HOMRCF):WARNING(LDEV linked) :shadowprddb14, prddb14drv2, unit#0,ldev#1,mu#0 and tcprddb14, tcprddb14drv2, unit#0,ldev#1,mu#0
10:18:07-76301-01420- MON(HOMRCF):WARNING(LDEV linked) :shadowprddb14, prddb14drv3, unit#0,ldev#38,mu#0 and tcprddb14, tcprddb14drv3, unit#0,ldev#38,mu#0

Any help is appreciated.